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Sectoral adaptation plans

Under Ireland's National Adaptation Framework a number of Government Departments are required to prepare sectoral adaptation plans in relation to the priority areas they are responsible for.

The first round of the adaptation plans was produced in 2019, and are due to be reviewed at least once every five years.

The plans identify the key risks faced across the sector and the approach being taken to address these risks and build climate resilience for the future. They were developed applying a six-step adaptation planning process described in Sectoral Planning Guidelines for Climate Change Adaptation.

The plans include actions that:

  • Mainstream adaptation into key sectoral plans and policies;
  • Identify and understand the key vulnerabilities, risks, and opportunities facing specific sectors, as well as major risks cross cutting different sectors;
  • Ensure climate-proofing of strategic emergency planning;
  • Identify and collect information on the costs and benefits of adaptation within specific sectors;
  • Build capacity within sectors to cope with climate change;
  • Identify and address key research gaps within their sectors;
  • Improve co-ordination with the local government sector, and
  • Develop appropriate monitoring and verification systems within sectors