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Sectoral adaptation guidance

Sectoral adaptation guidance was developed to support key national sectors in planning for climate change adaptation. The sectoral adaptation guidelines aim to ensure that a coherent and consistent approach to adaptation planning is adopted at national and local scales.

The guidance is structured around 6 steps involved in the adaptation planning cycle:

  1. Preparing the ground;
  2. Climate impact screening;
  3. Prioritisation;
  4. Priority impact assessment;
  5. Developing your plan;
  6. Implement, monitor and review.

Although these steps appear as sequential, it is important to remember that adaptation decision-making is an iterative process and moving backwards or forwards to revisit a step or anticipate a future step may be appropriate.

Sectoral Planning Guidelines for Climate Change Adaptation May 2018 (pdf)

The first iteration of Sectoral Adaptation Plans that are required for key sectors under Ireland's National Adaptation Framework were published in 2019.