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The Climate Change Projection Maps viewer has been developed to help you understand current and projected future climate conditions for Ireland. Before you start using the tool, it is recommended that you familiarise yourself with Climate Modelling.

The Climate Data Explorer provides three types of climate information:

  • Observed Climate Information: average historical climate data on variables including temperature and precipitation for the period 1976-2005.
  • Climate Change Projections (standardised and bias-corrected): future projections of changes for variables such as temperature and precipitation for a selection of time periods, scenarios and global warming levels (from Met Éireann's TRANSLATE project - O'Brien and Nolan (2023)).
  • Climate Change Projections (non-standardised): future projections of changes for variables such as snowfall, driving rain and wind energy for the period 2041-2060 (these projections come from Nolan and Flanagan (2020) and are compared to 1981-2000, rather than the TRANSLATE parameters). As further results come from standardised projects these maps will be replaced.

Data Sources

Observed Climate Information is based on TRANSLATE and Climate Change Projections are based on TRANSLATE along with Nolan and Flanagan (2020) for some variables.


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